" Providing because we care "


Founder:  James Pointer

CO- Founder: Jenai Craddock 

CO - Founder: John Warwick                                                                                  


President: James Pointer

Vice President: Michael Rodriguez

Secretary: Toni Heard

Treasurer: Lisa Hines                                                                                


Chief of Department: James Pointer

Assistant Chief of Department: Michael Rodriguez

Chief of Operations: Darshan Watson

Chief of Special Operations: Salvator Burgess  

Assistant Chief of Field Services: Ernest Perez

Assistant Chief of Communication: Gregory Parris

Captain of Operations: Amalia Martinez

1st Lieutenant: VACANT

2nd Lieutenant: VACANT                        



Robert Aquino - MD - Medical Director 


OUr staff

About Us

East Brooklyn Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps also known as "EBCVAC" was founded in January 2015 by EMT James Pointer, RN John Warwick and EMT Jenai Craddock. EBCVAC was formed to provide efficient and reliable emergency ambulance service to the communities of Brownsville and East New York to help alleviate the stress on FDNY EMS resources by assisting on emergency calls and by being available for non-emergency response.

The goals of the East Brooklyn Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps transcend providing EMS services to our communities, but it also focuses on being role models for our youth and providing them with an alternative to the streets.  We provide mentors who can help them use their knowledge of the streets in a positive way that brings healing and life instead of injury and death.In addition to a youth squad, where they will receive first aid and CPR training, we teach them how to handle job interviews, to write resumes and how to retain jobs.

We also will provide disaster preparedness training. This training will provide the residence of the community with self sufficient training to maintain during any natural disaster from man made to natural.

Our Mission

 Fast and Efficient Ambulance Responses

We guarantee effective and knowledgeable EMTs and Paramedics to respond to your medical needs.


02. Dedicated and Loyal Volunteers

Our organization is here for YOU!!! We will be very active in our community providing much needed community services.


03. A Community Resource

We pledge to our community residence to be a resource to the neighborhood. Whether training or rendering aid, we want to provide whats needed for the community for time to come.